Clean and big room. It's a good night sleep, good shower. Just that no kettle in the room, so for us who stay at the first floor we will have more exercise to up and down the floors to get hot or cold water from the water filter in the kitchen. Ample parking space around the housing area. It also has a small garden at the first floor balcony. With the price tag, it's a great option as compared to hotel.

Tropika Villa - Kuantan 夏乐园

  • totoro
  • 2019-01-19 12:43:32.974000
  • Terminal Sate Zul - Malay Town

Big meaty satay with delicious sauce! The localised version of mango cheesecake was not bad too.

  • totoro
  • 2019-01-18 23:12:33.114000
  • Kopitiam Thong Kee

The signature 2+1 coffee and sandwich were good. We're kind of early (7am) where most of the stalls here were not opened yet. I wanted to try the fried kuey teow, maybe next time, if I will be here again.