This restaurant has been around for quite some time but we never realized until recently. I like the japanese style setup, the variety of food and the taste of the good was good! I will definitely be back here!

Buranchi 日西式早午餐

  • totoro
  • 2019-06-11 05:23:54.623000
  • Xing Fu Tang - Sunway Pyramid

It's funny to see a row of 5-6 staff standing at the counter there and doing nothing. Later we found out that they were waiting for one person to cook the bubbles, and each round will take about 15 min. So basically these 5-6 staff will just stand there until the bubbles are cooked then only they start their "production line" to prepare for the bubbles milk tea. Wondering why can't they have at least one more cook?
The queue was long because have to wait for that one person to cook for bubbles ..

  • totoro
  • 2019-06-08 02:49:51.084000
  • Restoran The Unique Taste

Quite a long time we haven't been here, and this restaurant has extended and it's packed with many people.