Just feel so happy to see the breads here! The taste, the texture, the look... just so yummy!

Wonderful dining experience! The food was in great quality, the service was superb as well! Both the pork chop and pork ribs were very flavourful. The fried chicken was so crunchy and it can keep the heat within so well, we can still see the smoke coming out from the chicken flesh once we tore open the crispy chicken skin even after the chicken was served and put on the table for at least 10min. The ulam salad was very refreshing as well! Overall, great place to dine out!

Love the peanut butter latte! The vanilla bread pudding and almond croissant were good as well!

This signature grilled lamb here was good, very flavourful! We didn't try other dishes though as we were already full after the grilled lamb with nasi kukus. There's a farm where we can see and feed the lamb, goats and there's a camel as well!

Very nice signature char siew! The stir fried kangkung with prawn was surprisingly very good as well.

Nice environment, but the food was so-so only.

We love the taufu dish with donkas. We definitely will order this whenever we come over here.

Nam Heong has a new outlet in Sunway Pyramid. The food quality was OK.

Love the food and service here!

Not many customers here but the food was not bad actually.

Great food, great service! While we were thinking what dessert to order, we got one from the house, yay!

Quite some variety of choices in the menu, taste wise was OK.

The last meal in this Georgia trip - PAUL! Great food, very thick hot chocolate.

The lemonade was a bit too bland. The Rosé was not really our taste of wine, we still prefer semi sweet wine. The food was quite good though, especially the pan fried mushrooms.

Found this dessert store - chimney cone with ice cream and fruits inside, nice!

Bikentia's kebabery

Kutaisi family hotel

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