Good as usual. Full of guilt after eating the burger, haha. Love the fries!

myBurgerLab (HQ) Sunway

  • totoro
  • 2018-11-03 10:37:08
  • Pang's Kitchen

Michelin one star restaurant - but I think it's probably for the original restaurant in Hong Kong. The food here was ok. The steamed crabs with glutinous rice was too dry though. The signature deep fried chicken was quite good but the fried garlic seems overcooked a bit.

  • totoro
  • 2018-10-28 03:49:09
  • Bao Zhan

We thought this is another dim sum restaurant, apparently it's a fast food chain for bao and dim sum. Besides having the food in the restaurant, there are actually more options for frozen bao and dim sum which attracts quite some crowd to take away.