First time trying the hakka style chili dry pan mee. The taste was not bad just that it's too oily.

It's 830pm and we have to wait for about half an hour for our table. The business is good, would be great if the service can be faster. No more ice ball coffee today, we ordered the latte float instead but it's not as good.

Iced ball coffee, japanese style souffle, 小日子 - I'm here again!

We thought this is another dim sum restaurant, apparently it's a fast food chain for bao and dim sum. Besides having the food in the restaurant, there are actually more options for frozen bao and dim sum which attracts quite some crowd to take away.

The pork burger was good and in big portion. However the sisig was too dry and there's something chewy in it which I have no idea what was it. Anyway, the service is fast and the food is generally good, so I'll come back again.

Pork burger

One of our favorite makan place. The ban mee is good to match with the side dishes like fish cake, fish stick, etc. Another plus point is the iced coffee!

Surprisingly the hot pearl milk tea was good, and of course the signature soufflé.

It's been a long time since the last time I came to this restaurant. I think it's still better to pair the claypot chicken rice with salted fish and chinese sausage.

We are here again, this time for the mongolian BBQ lamb and the pork ramen.

Love the ice ball - it's coffee ice ball with warm milk. The desserts are quite good plus the nice deco, it attracts quite a lot of customers.

The fish that we ordered today was too salty. The rest of the dishes were good. This was the first time we saw such a big pot of fruit tea.

It's quite a new cafe around Puchong. It's hidden in the IOI business centre but apparently quite many people already know its existence. It was quite full when we were there. The food served was not bad. Will come back again.

The hokkien mee and the roasted duck here is a perfect combination!

The price is cheap for bbq. The ramen is not bad as well. Environment wise, it's outdoor and it relies on the fans instead of the smoke exhaust ventilator. You get the traditional charcoal BBQ feel.

Nagoya chicken wings

We are here again at Akashi. We are trying the grilled lamb today.

One of our favorite brunch places

Yummy fried chicken from the famous franchise in Taiwan!

Healthy and yummy food today!