Great food, great service! While we were thinking what dessert to order, we got one from the house, yay!

The taste was ok but really disappointed with the portion - it's really too small for the price that we paid!

I Super Kaya

The German sausage pasta with buttermilk was good. The big breakfast was not bad as well but it's quite pricey.

Most of the dimsum here has big prawn in there, which makes each piece quite big in size. It was quite delicious as well. We like the signature fried carrot cake.

The food and coffee also not bad but can be better. Note that there are people collecting parking fees manually for the parking spaces around the shoplot, RM1 per hour.

Yum yum food! All the dishes that we ordered were generally satisfying, even though there were quite some food items including cakes were not available.

With the movie tickets of Guang, we were given 2 handmade coffee! Yay! And free cheese sticks as well! The cheese sticks were good. The signature 猪油渣饭 was good, I actually prefer the egg rice with added 猪油渣。oh yeah and the rum & raisin cake - we thought the rum was in the ice cream, it's actually a rum cake which tastes great!

Michelin one star restaurant - but I think it's probably for the original restaurant in Hong Kong. The food here was ok. The steamed crabs with glutinous rice was too dry though. The signature deep fried chicken was quite good but the fried garlic seems overcooked a bit.

The ambience, the food quality and the service made us come back again.

The pasta looks nice but the taste is blend. The signature pork ribs is quite good but I think it can be better 😊

Trying the new drinks here. The orange nitro coffee that I ordered tastes a bit weird with the orange but it's still ok.

The environment, the food and the service are all good!

Matcha crepe cake

Still the food at the breakfast category the best, e.g. the fluffy french toast, big breakfast. The Turkish style salad was not really to our liking.

Love the Bailey's cake. The drinks were not bad either. Didn't order the waffle as we were too full.

There are a few other Korean BBQ around this area, somehow this particular restaurant has the biggest crowd. The food and service is good, probably that's why.