The Yee sang was good though the portion was a bit small for the price. The rest of the food was not bad either but to me no surprises.

Just feel so happy to see the breads here! The taste, the texture, the look... just so yummy!

Wonderful dining experience! The food was in great quality, the service was superb as well! Both the pork chop and pork ribs were very flavourful. The fried chicken was so crunchy and it can keep the heat within so well, we can still see the smoke coming out from the chicken flesh once we tore open the crispy chicken skin even after the chicken was served and put on the table for at least 10min. The ulam salad was very refreshing as well! Overall, great place to dine out!

Nice environment, but the food was so-so only.

We love the taufu dish with donkas. We definitely will order this whenever we come over here.

Great food, great service! While we were thinking what dessert to order, we got one from the house, yay!

Quite some variety of choices in the menu, taste wise was OK.

The taste was ok but really disappointed with the portion - it's really too small for the price that we paid!

I Super Kaya

We went to the 2.4km Southern Perimeter trail which was a pleasant hike. The end of the trail was the Emerald Bay. There are some steps uphill but generally most of the areas was rather flat and well path.

Complimentary spa package for the guest. I tried the malay massage which was superb!

The room is beautiful and spacious with a big bathtub! The room design for the upper and lower unit is slightly different but both featured a big bath tub and a big balcony with beautiful view.

Good food. Good environment. The portion is big.

Satisfied lunch. A lot of varieties and all the dishes were good.

Putien set lunch RM 66 with the signature sweet and sour pork with lychees.

First time trying the hakka style chili dry pan mee. The taste was not bad just that it's too oily.