Many people recommended this mamak on the way from Kuantan towards KL. When we're there, they didn't make fresh roti canai, so we just took the roti canai they made in the morning, the taste was ok but guess would be better if it's freshly made. The nasi lemak was too spicy for me.

The chee cheong fun, 酿料,and the noodles were good! I like it!

Many people were enjoying an evening walk or jog in the garden. There's a trail that led us to a swamp where thousands of small crabs stay, after passing the swamp, there's the beach.

I had been here few years ago and would always want to come back. The sand was soft and the beach was clean. I love the rocks around the beach which form a beautiful landscape. We had a great time here!

Famous curry mee at Kuantan. The dry noodles option was quite good as well.

The signature 2+1 coffee and sandwich were good. We're kind of early (7am) where most of the stalls here were not opened yet. I wanted to try the fried kuey teow, maybe next time, if I will be here again.

The signature 1+1

Durian durian!

Musang king

Found this restaurant in Bentong. It's really worth it with the price and the food served.

Glamping experience - a comfy camping-like experience, for the city folks. 😊

Enjoying afternoon tea

It was so great to be close to the nature again.

Terra treehouse activity hall. It's under construction right now to make it more solid to cater for guests who'd like to use the place for yoga.