Purchase KT Olle 4G Sim card of unlimted Internet for 30 days (about 70000 won). The Internet is pretty reliable.

Seems like a love hotel, but it's affordable, quiet and clean.

A nice and value for money place to have lunch. We order beef for 7000 won per person (lunch promotion), minimum 2 persons. Comes with miso soup and steam egg as well.

Seomyeom subway station, with luggage locker and underground shopping, connected to Lotte shopping center.

Offer a great view of Busan. The street art is alright.

Take the subway to Tuseong station. It's recommended to take a bus to Gamcheon village, as walking uphill is quite tough and could take 45 minutes.

A lot of street food and shopping around BIFF Square, stretching from Jagalchi station to Nampo station.

Market with quite a number of street snacks, connected to a large market area with multiple sections selling different things.

The bread sold here is really good, highly recommended.