Beautiful area filled with cafes and small shops, very walkable. You can see some people wearing traditional Korean clothing walking around, as you can rent them here.

A beautiful hill street filled with Hanok houses.

A pretty good meal of pork belly and pork ribs, sadly no much place for sittings.

Pork ribs

Passing by the famous local noodle eatery in Samcheongdong.

This place serve really nice pie/cake. Blueberry double cheese and apple cannele are good.

The audience seems really inspired and responding to the speeches given at Expo 2016 event.

A huge load of Chinese tourist shopping in bulk. Go to ground floor for food and snacks.

Myeongdong is the most crowded shopping street in Seoul. It has many branded clothing shop and street eatery, but the experience could be unpleasant due to the crowd.

A shopping catering for young people, it has a Line Friends merchandise here.

If you need extra bag for your shopping items, get one at Morning Glory the stationary shop.

Street Performance going on in Hongdae on Sunday Night: dance, rap, singing..

An factory themed restaurant serving pan of cheese. It's pretty nice actually, and the environment is dimly lit. The cheese pan might seems small, but it is more than enough for 2 persons.

This Bingsu place order is closed by 10.45pm on Sunday.