The mural is okay, supported by some cafe and eateries. Walking around the neighbourhood is interesting; Nahsan Park and Daehangno street are just nearby.

This hill park in the city is very convenient and scenic. Surrounded by the city wall, next to Ihwa Mural Village and you get a superb view of Seoul. There are some facility for exercise as well.

This famous place for selling Cheese pizza is very nice, unique and affordable.

They offer a set meal for 19800won, where u get a large cheese pizza and a pot of ramen, then a choice of kimchi rice or korean rice cake with cheese. After the meal, you get free ice-cream as well. The highlight is the cheese pizza, really cheezy with a sweet syrup sauce for dipping.

I arrived at 2.30pm on weekday where the crazy lunch crowd is gone. The place closed for break around 3-4pm, so they locked us in and we can have a long quiet meal without any urgency.

A more artistic shopping and eateries street with theaters and street art.

Hongdae Shopping Street, way too many shops.

Orders stop at 9pm when we stop by at Thursday night.

A twosome place, it's like Starbucks with student doing assignments and people chit chatting.