Taking Jeju air to Seoul, one hour journey for less than 30000won per person.

Pretty decent hostel at a good location near Hongik University station, clean, quiet and room size acceptable. Simple breakfast available from 8-10am.

A mix hidden old alley with old houses and modern cafe restaurants. It's interesting to walk through the smaller roads to find some interesting shop.

Selling fruits and snacks. The most famous stall would be the Korean Rice Cake, it's pretty good.

Sadly it is closed when we arrived at 4pm, as the operating hours is 11am - 4pm. You can still dine at the Korean Rice Cake stall.

Hyo Ja Bakery, self proclaimed best bakery in the neighbourhood, and it does have many customers and run by aspiring young people. Bought their best seller buns for 5000won, pretty good.

An old bookstore caught in the past, also a cafe.

Tongnin Sweet serve pretty good egg tart at 2000won per pop. The lady boss is pretty and business is pretty good.

Potato crocket a bit too filling, taste alright.

I don't really fancy historical building, but the night visit event is quite interesting.

Night event start at 7pm for a limited period during September and October. There is a 500 tickets limit per day for foreigner, but we have no problem securing a ticket on weekday night. Some people wore Hanbok (traditional korean costume) and take lots of photo at the palace. There is also a 15 minutes light show at the pavilion, which is quite colourful.

The night view is an interesting experience, seeing people wore Hanbok make the place more lively (we realize later you can rent Hanbok at Insadong shop for 15000won).

Passing by Insadong after Gyeongbokung, plenty of eateries and shop.

A hidden gem at the end of alley, an old cafe serving drinks and free dessert snacks. It is a very cozy environment with plenty of old things, very good for relaxing or for long chat.