A few things about MAS/KLIA
- the notice board won't show which counter to check-in, but display "use kioak". At first we thought the counter is not open yet, then we realize we are supposed to use kiosk to print out both boarding pass and bag tag. Then you ask information counter on which counter to drop your bag. We could have waited until we miss our flight 😑
- usually after going through the immigration, you could refill your bottle with drinking water and bring it to the cabin. Seems like my water bottle is confiscated at the boarding gate 😑
- the problem with serving chicken and fish meal is that fish meal ran out pretty fast, so those seated at the back can only have fish 😑

Ais package: 2.5G for 7 days (299 Baht). Reliable service.

When the queue is too long, perhaps should go for DTAC next door providing the same package.

Clean and comfy, with free breakfast. Definitely a good choice in Silom.

Cozy little cafe, only serve drinks and some light cakes, and selling some merchandise.

It has limited seats, with a central table with tools and stationery to do some art work. The environment is very cozy, good for relaxation and chit chat.

It's worthy to drop by when you are nearby and tired.

Snow Viewing Tomato Noodle and Grilled Pork and Scallion with rice is really good, highly recommended. The small set cost 280 Baht for both items.

Night Market in the middle, clubs and bars at both side providing sexual performance.

300 baht for a tour and wine tasting. If you want to see big bunch of grapes, visit before they harvest it in January and February. If you don't plan to take the tour, there is nothing much to do here.

100 baht entry fee, or you can have a panaroma view of the garden from the roof top cafe. You can drop by since it's next to PB Valley.

A pretty photogenic cafe, they serve food and dessert. The lunch looks normal but taste good, nice cafe to explore and take photo.

The highlight would be feeding the sheep and alpaca, which is fun. It's a beautiful replica of Italian town, though the cafe and restaurant aren't that interesting. It's worth a visit and good for taking photos.

Can't really see much of the place if you are not staying here.

Thames garden set is not bad, the tea is good and dessert is okay.

Quite a big place, though the shops there are not very active. Still a worthwhile and pretty place to explore and take photos.

A nice place to visit and have dinner. The ambience and night lighting is very good.

The serving of food is way too fast: our salad, soup and main courses are served together in less than 10 minutes. The food is alright and not too expensive.

They have live signing and some light performances even on weekdays. If you like it quiet, you can find indoor as well.

A very nice resort. Cozy room, big bathtub and balcony with a swing. Free breakfast available, and a nice pool.

It's not ideal to visit here
- Foreigner are charged 400 baht vs the local 40 baht
- Can't explore the place using public transport, you have to hire a car or book a tour from hotels
- The place is huge, thus a lot of travel time: entrance to visitor centre is 20km, from visitor center to other attractions are probably another 20km
- The most notable attraction are waterfalls and scenic view points
- We tried the 4km/2h trail, though it's marked, but sometimes you bump into junction with no sign whatever. We didn't get lost: either we are lucky or both paths work, I am not sure. The scenery is alright, especially the grassland, no animal spotted from the observation tower.

Trail no 3, about 4km (2h). Start in the jungle with plenty of big and unique trees, followed by the beautiful grass land and end up in a observation tower. The path is pretty flat.

Comfy hotel at a good location.

- Our room doesn't have a real window
- The hot water is not stable
- Could hear the noise from the corridor

Nice local meal, the grilled chicken and pork are good, omelette with oyster are average. The drinks are not very good, stick with soft drinks and beer.

The dessert here is very good, and very filling, though priced higher.

The Ring has ice-cream covered by hardened caramel, a crispy pastry and pudding sauce which is not too sweet. It has multiple layers of taste. The other peach, pear and orange puff waffle is good as well.

The meal are very filling, so better come here with an empty stomach or share a dish among a few people.

Plenty of locals enjoy park picnic here.

A long stretch of shopping and street food.

The fried fushball is pretty good.

Coconut ice-cream in coconut husk with some toppings. It's okay.

Sadly Artbox Chatuchak is closed down before the advertised closing date.

The dishes seems good, with quite a number of Chinese tourist.

Sadly our steam fresh river prawns with egg are overcooked, where the prawn feel rubbish and the egg soaked with soy sauce. 760 Baht for our meal, together with vege with pork.

Seems like a nice place to hangout, with plenty of free seatings, a decent food court and nice cafes.

It's a community space with restaurants concept.

The food here is great, albeit a bit pricey and very popular.

Lamb Ragu and Big Breakfast is very good, and the dessert came in pretty big portion as well. And it comes with delicious complimentary bread as well.