Today is a very simple and short journey walk. Yarn's wife made a morning journey to Goechala Peak, but it was raining and snowing thus the view isn't great. She says the lake is beautiful and there are people camping around the lake.

Mei Ru is gaining some appetite this morning. Yarn and wife is making their way down hill, so we bid farewell. The journey today is very pleasant, a 2 hour flat stroll. I thought we are going to camp at the lake, but somehow that didn't happen.

Though just 200m above our previous campsite, it felt much colder here, perhaps it is because we camp near a river stream and it's cloudy. This time they setup a kitchen tent and toilet tent.

I guess we didn't necessary get along very well with everyone on the road. Somehow we didn't quite gell very well and I didn't feel like talking more to other people. Stereotypically, I felt married couple are more caring and compassionate, while single people tend to be more selfish. Tomorrow is our last hurdle on the mountain, and everything will be alright as long as we have the will. As for the weather, I shall lave it to mother nature.

Late in the afternoon, the magnificent Mount Pandim appear before us. It's really huge. A few other peaks show up within the mist as well. At night, the sky is filled with stars, and it's feeling cold.