We wake up at 2 am to have our tea and cookie before embarking on our journey towards Gochela in the dark. The night is pitch dark, and the weather is icy cold. We could easily reach Samiti Lake within an hour, but it's too dark to see it.

We continue our ascend and Mei RU's touch light started to give some problem. Then I was struck with an awful headache which had been haunting me all the way. I am not tired, but I have to slow down and breathe in more oxygen in order to ease the headache, slowly but surely. We reach a "peak", covered by Tibetan prayer flags. The great mountains are still covered by mist and clouds, and it's freezing cold up here. This peak is the first viewpoint, and the Gochela Peak is still 2 hours away and nowhere to be seen. Besides, it's too misty and we probably won't get a good view of the mountains today.

We decide to make our way back after waiting for a while, as I believe my headache isn't going to get any better if we proceed. The Geochala area is pretty rocky and sandy and greyish, and it looks like a barren land. We ascend slowly and the scenery slowly changes to brown and yellow colours. My headache is getting worse as we approach the lake, and breathing deeply is not helping this time. We saw a duck running across the grassland and swimming across the lake. As we saw Mount Pandim standing tall above us, Mount Kanchenjunga slowly reveal herself within the mist.

On the way I wonder why I signup for such a painful and cold trip, and would I still consider this to be a good vacation? I do appreciate the nice sunbath on the grassland, the best 5 minutes so far. Another nice moment is the superb view at Dzongri Peak and Tiger Hill. Too bad Geochala doesn't favour us (the AMS symptom of headache and loss of appetite), and probably we should improve our clothing equipment to withstand the cold weather and train to be fitter.

Lobo and Ailsa sure is as fit as well, where they go all the way to Geochala Peak and still could overtake us on the way back. Why elder people always seems fitter? Anyway, 2 more days and we could have a hot shower.

This is the first time we could reach our intended peak :(