Today I have a strange question for myself. How is my honeymoon vacation? The trip is full of enthusiasm in the beginning, followed by great challenges to ascend, then problem like headache and coldness, followed by successfully reaching the first view point but disappointed by the weather, then met with consolation prize of Simiti Lake with magnificent view of Mount Pandim and partial view of Mount Kanchenjunga.

After we started to descend the headache is lessen and eventually gone, and we are looking forward to a hot bath soon. So life is full of surprises, disappointment and challenges, but it shall work out somehow.

Today we're given a choice of a shorter but steeper ascend, or a longer but flatter path. I would always choose the flatter path, besides this longer path is a new path that we didn't go through before while on our way here, thus it should provide a new view and experience. The path is pleasant, walking through the forest with a glimpse of sunshine followed by cold mist. It had some nice vegetation and small waterfall as well.

We had lunch at Phedang, the intersection with our incoming path. We had our lunch on a mattress, and Mei Ru finally regain her appetite. After lunch is all descending, but not too difficult. Finally we reach Tshoka within 1.5 hours.

One the way we saw a porter who is very sick and he was carried by another porter on a bamboo made chair. The sick porter probably weighted at least 60 kg, but luckily he has 6 friends escorting him and the take turns to carry him. When they reach Tshoka they transfer the sick porter to a stretcher where 2 person could carry him at a time. The people are very helpful, which is very nice.