Yesterday we gave tips to our expedition team member and buy them beer (RS 100) each, as we had our last dinner in the mountain followed by singing (Sum Re Piriri) and some dancing.

We met a British guy (Born in Scotland, moved to London at 6, and had lived in India for the past 19 years) who started a textile exporting business to hotels in the west. He is slightly "strange" as he talk with a straight face, but still is a rather friendly and chatty person.

Today our journey from Tshoka to Yuksom shall take 5 hours, and it's quiet a lot of descending to do (Imagine the amount of ascending we had done on the first day, and a lot of people couldn't make it and camp at Baksim instead).

We had lunch near a bridge, which is something new (just one hour away from Yuksom).

We we arrived at Yuksom, there are no electricity again and we are denied the pleasure of a hot water bath. It's pretty cold for the altitude of 1600 m, and our bags (from the yaks) probably arrived 1-2 hours later. We hope the power would come back soon and ordered some tea to keep us warm.

Logo is actually a businessman supplying printing material from Japan to printing houses in Slovakia. He just retired on first of September and his son is taking over the business. He lived in a small village with no more than 301 people. Sadly his other son died 10 years ago at the age of 29 while skiing, probably due to a heart attack.