Our RTDC tour starts at 9am at the train station. At first there are only 10 people on the bus. After a few pickups, the bus is full of local tourists. We met a local family from Kolkata, including a young son and his old parents.

The bus tour around the city, where we only get to shoot photo from our bus window most of the time. We did get a visit a marble temple, where we have to get down from the bus bare footed as they shall be a long queue to deposit our shoe. India did have a lot of signs prohibiting photography, or imposing extra fee for photography.

I think we pass by a few more attractions, and stopped to visit the City Palace Museum and Jantar Mantar astronomical site (an UNESCO site). The astronomical site has a sun dial to tell the exact time, some tool to interpret horoscopes and the position of the sun, and some other tools which could only be used at night. The City Palace sell a RS 300 ticket for tourist to buy a composite ticket which includes 5 attractions, and the astronomical site and City Palace Museum are two of the attractions. The museum is full of art, painting, cloths and interesting weaponry like gun.