We arrive fairly early in Jodhpur (5.45am), and face the usual touts and our trusted pre-paid rickshaw stand is not open yet. We retreated back into the station to plan for our journey again, and ask the ticketing counter person (based on pointer from another helpful Indian man) for the correct fee to our hotel. After some bargaining with the auto rickshaw rider, we arrived at Dewi Bhawan.

We decide to play down one notch in terms of our hotel spending by opting for accommodation of RS 1800 per night. The room and bathroom is pretty spacious, and it had a beautiful courtyard with many places to relax. It's a nice and cozy hotel, with a nature feel due to the garden. The manager is not coming in until 8am and the room is not ready until 9.30am, so we use the free time to write this journal and have our breakfast.

Based on recommendation from Rough Guide, we visited the RTDC office again to arrange for our tour. The office is closed for holiday, but luckily the RTDC operated hotel next door is open. An old man with thick mustache greeted us (he is very funny), and suggested us to do a city tour for RS 500 in a car. We asked about Osian and he suggested us to do both Osian and village safari on the same day, RS 900 for each tour.

We depart right away, going to the most famous fort in Rajasthan, the Mehrangarh Fort. The fort felt a bit medieval, and it is well built and well maintained. RS 300 for entrance fee (camera fee included) with an audio guide as well. The fort is build with sandstone, giving it the light orange colour and dark red. The place is crowded with local tourists, mostly to pay tribute to the Hindi temple at one corner of the fort. We are misled by the long queue and walk a distance barefooted to the temple, which male and female are separated to walk on different lane and reunited at the end.

The fort has a great view of the Jodhpur city, and part of it is painted in blue. It has a palace with pleasure room and audience room. Marble floor, carpet, mirror ceiling and painted mural wall is all over the palace. It took us around 90 minutes to finish the tour.