The noise woke us up from our sleep, feeling all dusty as the train travel through the dessert at night. Finally, we saw the Jaisalmer railway station made of sandstone. Again, we have to prepare ourselves to be surrounded by touts out there. Jaisalmer's touts are slightly different where they have people carrying hotel signs and offering free ride to the hotel. It is chaos when we are indecisive our our hotel options, but once we made up our mind on Shahi Palace, every else just leave systematically.

The hotel is situated in some awkward alley, and it's still dark and we couldn't see much. The manager is kind enough to offer us to room to sleep while waiting for our room to be ready by 9.30am.;

The hotel is made nice yellow sand stones, clean and decorated moderately. The cheapest AC room is RS 750, and the next in range is RS 1500 and higher (we feel the cheaper room isn't too much different from the more expensive one). We take the smaller and cheaper room with AC but no view, since the roof top restaurant already have the best view in the house.

We trust the hotel's reputation and service (based on Rough Guide's recommendations) and book a 2D1N safari tour with them. The safari is RS 850 per night, and could be higher if include temple and ruins visit.;

They also offer personal taxi from Jaisalmer to Udaipur for RS 6500, but we opted for train to Jodhpur and take their car to Udaipur for RS 3500. Perhaps there are cheaper options for RS 2500-3000, but we opted for the convenience instead. The train to Jodhpur seems fully booked, thus we have to utilize the tatkal quota. Thinking this could be our last train ride in India, we opted for the 3AC (we usually took the sleeper, but this is sleeper with air-con, good for the sandy Jaisalmer route). RS 1200 for 2 tickets (more expensive than our combined ticket cost from Delhi-Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer). This is the price to pay for our failure to plan in advance.

We walk to the Jaisalmer Fort, where the fort is full of shops, hotels, restaurants and houses (it is mini town by itself).

The fort's view point is very nice, with a good view of the entire city and its horizon, definitely worth a longer stay to gaze at it.

We stop by Sarya Restaurant (not listed in Rough Guide) with a nice view of the town and lake. We get to sit on a very comfy balcony, while eating with the best view in the house.

Dining balcony at Sarya Restaurant
Dining balcony at Sarya Restaurant