We start at 10am and travel towards the dessert with an English couple who are teacher, Jess and Amen. This should be a fun and exciting day, to be in the dessert (hopefully not to hot). The jeep ride is fast and furious on a single lane road (traffic goes both way) bumpy road. We stop in the middle of nowhere and our camels are ready for us. The previous batch of tourists complaint of sore ass, something to be expected.

Camel is a tall animal, and these camels have single hump and their mouth is busy with munching (the vomit something into their mouth for munching, and swallow it back when it's done). When the camels sit down, their leg are awkwardly positioned. These camels are very well trained and they will complaint of any pain or discomfort by making noise, but won't turn aggressive. The ride is indeed bumpy, and we have well padded saddles.

There are not many sand dunes in the Thar Dessert, mostly soil, rocks and bushes (short tress and cactus) with few patches of sand dunes. Our camels walk in a row, and the camel like to fart and scratch (they use their back leg to scratch and back and fore leg, and their scratch their head against the saddle's wood frame).;

We stop for lunch at a bushes with few short trees, where to put up a mat for an afternoon nap while the camel man and his helper prepare our food and chai (tea). Our lunch is Chapati with noodle and hot vegetables, and they didn't give us fork and spoon, so it's using our sandy hand all the way.;

Resting here is pretty nice and relaxing, though slightly warm for a comfortable nap. We have some shades provided by the short trees, and colourful bird flying around occasionally, surrounded by plenty of black and white sheeps, and white cows.