We woke up in the cool morning, and there are traces of beetle walking on the sand dune last night. We didn't manage to catch the sunrise though, but it's a beautiful sleep for the night. We walk around in the early sand dunes covered with cool air, and there are plenty of sea shells. Breakfast is not great, but the tea is nice. It is serene and peaceful, with nice weather. There isn't much to do around here, but lazing around is good enough.

Soon we have to pack our things and move out. We parted with the English couple as their tour shall be until 5pm while ours end at 11am, kind of regretted slightly for not extending further. Though we have seen most of the dessert (every where looks almost the same, unless there is an oasis with palm tree hidden somewhere), but a afternoon under shady trees sounds like a good idea for me.

After a while the camel starting "running" faster, it's more like bouncing in rhythm. Since we exchange camel with the English couple, this saddle isn't as good where the saddle is slanted forward and to the left, where I need to adjust my butt every few minutes. The right side of the saddle is scratching my right leg, which is rather uncomfortable.

We pass by a settlement and some green vegetation forest; after 2 hours of riding and bouncing, we finally reach our jeep. The safari and bouncing tour had ended.

The driver stop us at an Indian village beside the road, with broken houses mad of mud. A kid pull us into his house, and they started asking for photo money and he whole experience is spoiled. They are not aggressive, but it kind of sadden me when the kids start saying "rupee rupee".