Our comfortable 3AC ride brought us to Jodhpur, and our driver with a nice AC car is waiting for us. We fall asleep almost immediately in the car, and told the driver we would like to have breakfast between 7-8am.

We sleep for almost 2 hours after we boarded the car, and the road condition is very good with many lorry along the way. We stop for breakfast.

3AC Sleeper on Train
3AC Sleeper on Train

Next stop is Ranakpur, a place with marvellous Jain marble temple. We are not allowed to go inside as it is not opened for tourist until 12pm. We walk around the 3 smaller temple, which is quite nice as well.

One of the temple is surrounded by monkeys with a round garden in front. There is a small hill with a ruin temple, where we have a good view of the Ranakpur Jain Temple. We didn't went inside the main complex, but we are later shown photos by another traveller of its interior filled with thousands of pillars.

The road soon become "rolling hills" , a nice hill scenery with some shepherds herding their goats. We stop by a nice looking little restaurant with a beautiful garden surrounded by the hills. We tried to order a roast chicken with brown gravy and French fries, the waiter told us it's not possible.

Finally we reach Udaipur, the most romantic city in India, and the Venice of the East. On the first glance, it just seems like another city. We walk to the part near the Pichola Lake (the touristy area), with narrow road and the lake view is covered by buildings and walls. The road is busy with auto rickshaws, cars and traders. Our hotel (Devraj Niwas) has a standard clean room with a big bathroom, but no lake view. It had a rooftop restaurant with the lake view, but the atmosphere isn't that nice.

The hotel offer a RS 300 auto rickshaw tour of 10 spots in town, but we are too tired of another duck rushing tour. We settled down and went to book our train tickets for Argra.

Auto rickshaw in Udaipur is more expensive and easily cost RS 50 to go to any places further than a walking distance. We asked the driver to sent us to the jetty for a boat ride, instead he sent us to a sunset point near the lake where the boat service is closed. The official jetty is too far away from walking.