We take a flight from Udaipur to Delhi (actually it would be wiser to take a night train from Udaipur to Agra, rather than taking a flight to Delhi then train to Agra), take as RS 245 taxi to town to find Banana Place at Connaught Place again (we thought the place was closed for the day the last time we visit, but it's actually closed permanently). We walk to Saravana Bhawan again to enjoy a good meal of Dosa and Puri. Mei Ru bought some crackers as gift to being back home.

We try to hail auto by the road, only to be charged double again. We got fedup and walk further to the prepaid auto station.

We are taking a train to Agra. The journey on noon is more crowded and warmer, not as nice as early morning and night train. There is one bed opened on the upper deck if we decide to take a hot afternoon nap. Two young Indian chap sitting opposite us, a doctor and a businessman. The doctor speak English and quite chatty. A lot of Indians pack Chapati as meal on the train, with a few types of curry as well.

The train reach Agra Cantt after 5 hours, and we take the prepaid auto of RS 80 to Taj Ganj (budget traveller haven just south of Taj Mahal). Agra is a famous tourism spot due to Taj Mahal, so the auto is expensive as well. Personally, I don't like Agra. Though it has some famous monument like Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Baby Taj, but it is way too touristy. We settled at Sheela, which is in a quiet corner, yet 500m away from the Taj Mahal.

We heard so much about the beauty of Taj Mahal, from the golden sunrise and bright moonshine reflected on the marble at night. We decide to have a sneak preview of Taj Mahal by having our supper at a rooftop restaurant. There are a few options, some more strategic than others. The moon is partial, and the Taj Mahal isn't shining tonight, just a dark shadow. We are disappointed and went back to our hotel for an early rest.