Today is not a very lucky day. We wanted to go on the toy train (RS 250). Hemal told us it is RS 450 (we aren't sure of the price at that time). Later we realized that he bought the ticket from "black" market, and to add salt to the wound, the ticket is only one way rather than 2 ways. Though we get RS 100 refund at the end, we still end up paying RS 350 for one way. We don't believe the trai was fully booked, and we end up paying RS 250 extra for a not so satisfying journey. I didn't think Hemal intended to have us overpay, just that he is not a very wise city guide.

Toy Train Ride from Darjeeling to Ghoom
Toy Train Ride from Darjeeling to Ghoom Darjeeling Railway Station

The train track run along the road through the towns, which was very noisy without much interesting views. The Batasia Loop (a garden near the cliff) is really too short of a view, and the entire experience is overrated.

The Ghoom Raily Museum is kind of boring, with old parts and tools to show.

We don't have the car to travel around today so have to travel by foot, which signal "not so great service" by the agency, but not a very big deal. Hemal suggested we walked the whole 7km from Ghoom to Darjeeling, but I don't like the idea since the road is busy, filled with jeeps and we already went through the sightseeing by train. A jeep ride shared by 10 persons is just RS 15, great value for money.

We visit the botanical garden, which is okay (nice park with flower).

We walked along the small road (quite a pleasant path) from the Botanical Garden to the Zoo (about 15 minutes). The road are shaded by trees with nice views and old buildings (church, college, school, residential, etc.).

The Zoo's collection is pretty good, with some Himalayan wildlife such as deer, snow leopard, red panda, etc.

Kunga Restaurat, 51 Gandhi Road, Darjeeling
Kunga Restaurat, 51 Gandhi Road, Darjeeling