Second day of the trekking, and the night before isn't too cold. The morning is clear, and we manage to see some ice caps. We have breakfast in the outdoor with our read plastic table, surrounded by peaks and mountains.

Breakfast on red table surrounded by mountains
Breakfast on red table surrounded by mountains

Before we depart, we saw a group of Indian female students (about 20 of them) carrying the same type of bag (it seems they are from HMI) doing the same trek as us. The weather is quite warm, thus we have our long sleeve and hat on. I was thinking of carrying my own bag today, but I was proven wrong again. Today's journey is not as long, but still pretty steep (at least 1000m ascend to 4000m at Dzongri. The vegetation changed slightly and we manage to see more pine trees and little flowers.

The climate is much colder than the day before. I have to keep my hat own and wear a jacket to keep warm. We are not having lunch midway. I am already hungry 2 hours into the journey and finished all my snacks for the day. The scenery along the way is pretty nice with short vegetation, and a lake-look-alike pool of water. We sing some mountain songs and Hemal teaches us some Nepali song.


Is Sum Piriri, As Sum Re Piriri, As Le La Sangri, Da La Ma Pan Jang, Is Sum Re Piriri.


Soon we reach Dzongri, which has a hut with clean flowing toilet. Dzongri is like a small valley, so it doesn't have a great view unless we trek higher. We have to sleep in the tent as the HMI groups already occupied the all the lodge. I'm writing this in my tent, waiting for my hot tea and dinner.

I thought I am the one having AMS with heavy headache when cold and ascending, instead Mei Ru vomited and loose her appetite over dinner. We once again realize how weak are we against the great mountains. The HMI girls arrived with their huge "Mongolian" tents, and basically invaded Dzongri. This place is misty after morning, and I am in the valley listening to running waters and the bell of yaks.