Today is the first time we have our breakfast in Myojinkan (we packed our bento meal for hiking in the past 2 days), and it's good: salmon, ham, egg, etc. We took some photo of the owner and added him on facebook.

Breakfast in Myojinkan
Breakfast in Myojinkan
Myojinkan owner on the left
Myojinkan owner on the left Kamikochi Myojinkan

The luggage storage in Komikochi is per luggage (400 Yen for a small bag), not the usual 400 Yen for a medium cabinet. We decide to carry our bags to Taisho Lake. It's quite a long journey with heavy bags, but luckily there is a bus stop at Taisho Lake (so we don't have to walk all the way to Bus Terminal when we are leaving Kamikochi).

Taisho Lake is surrounded by colourful mountain, and the water level is a bit low at this time. Some ducks "steal" the raisin in our bags' external pocket.

Tips: for those visiting Kamikochi with light luggage, it is better to stop at Taisho Lake when you arrive (not the final Bus Terminal), which save you 200 Yen and you can trek to the bus terminal through a scenic path. Many tour groups did this.