The planning for Japan trip is a long and complete one. Usually I won't have the time to plan my travel in such detail, but I use this as my pilot travel for Travelopy in order to make travel planning easier.

It seems to me Japan is a country with a good mixture of modern city and nature, and plenty of good food. I have high hopes for Japan.

Our AirAsia flight from KL depart at 1AM and reach Kansai Airport around 8AM. We follow the Internet wisdom and went to JR station to buy the ICOCA and HARUKA combo ticket for 3000 Yen one way, which save us around 1000+ Yen. The train to Kyoto takes 75 minutes, which is convenient enough.

On the way from Osaka to Kyoto
On the way from Osaka to Kyoto
Omelet Rice with Burger
Omelet Rice with Burger Tamago Kitchen Mollette

We skip breakfast on the plane and reach Kyoto Station by 12PM. This train station is filled with eateries, and Internet wisdom guide us to Isetan 11th Floor to scout for food, where we went to Japanese Omelet Rice at Tamago Kitchen Mollette, which serve really nice omelet and burger. Mei Ru is having mushroom, smoked salmon, fish and a dessert. It's about 1200++ Yen for each of our meal, and it's pretty delicious.

Our hotel (Arklead Gojohorikawa) is not in a central location which we need to walk for 20 minutes. Could have taken a bus, but we are not familiar with the bus system. The hotel operate with minimum human supervision. They left the key and information in a safebox where the access code is emailed to us earlier. The counter is only open during "office hour", or you can press the bell and talk to someone to get some help. When you checkout, just drop the keys in the letter box.

The room is actually a tiny apartment unit with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, with wardrobe cabinet, computer and a small backyard to hang our cloth for drying.

It started to get dark around 5PM and we took the bus to Nishiki Market. The nearest subway is 15 minutes walk away, while the bus stop is 5 minutes from Nishiki Market.

We thought we need to buy some kind of bus ticket on board, but the bus driver just continue driving with no vending machine visible. It took us a while to realize the Kyoto city bus charge a flat fee of 220 Yen per trip, and you pay when you got off through the front (you come in from the back). If you don't have change, just put 1000 Yen into the machine next to the driver and it shall give you small change.

Temple near Teramachi Street
Temple near Teramachi Street

Soon we realize Nishiki Market closed at 6PM, but luckily the surrounding streets are still very lively and Teramachi walking street still open for business until 9PM, with plenty of stores and restaurants.

We chosen Mr. Young Man for dinner as other Internet research options seems too far or too expensive. It's pork and rice and octopus ball for dinner; though the food is nice, but we did saw some cockroaches running around (which the lady manager kill it swiftly).

We continue browsing the street and visited an Anime shop which sell mostly DVD and books.

We try to find a dessert place and found Mumokuteki where the entrance is at one of the backlane. Trendy Japanese restaurant are usually very friendly and caring, where they not only provided a basket to put your bags in it, they also provided a blanket to keep you warm. The place is very comfortable with nice ambiance, and they served mostly tofu dessert, which could taste mildly bland, but still very satisfying.

It's getting late and we are tired, so we took a bus but stop at the wrong station (same name, different street), thus have to walk for 20 minutes to get home.

I soak myself in the mini bathtub to rid of tiredness while watching TV. Night.