We took a direct bus from Shin Hirayu Onsen to Takayama (reach around 10AM), where the next bus to Osaka is at 2.40PM (bus is 50% cheaper than train). The bus ride is about 5 hours, with 2 x 15 minutes stop in between.

We reach Osaka on a Saturday night where many people dressed up for Halloween. We have plenty of zombies, nurses, cats, vampires, kiki the witch, angels, etc. We have ladies who dressed sexy despite of the cold weather, and a man who dressed as women. It's a happening night, but I felt too old get join the happening event. Nevertheless, it is an interesting night.

The Capsule hotel is another interesting place. There's a locker for the shoe, and another locker for the bag, and another small locker for your things when you go for bath. Male and Female sleep/bath/locker area are separated, but there is a unisex common area for TV, eating, game machines and comic books. There are sauna and public bath as well. For those with tv in their capsule, there are 24 hours AV channel as well.