We took a train from Takaoka Station to Toyama. We are extremely tired from the long journey, but sadly our booked hotel only allow us to check in after 4PM.

There are plenty of restaurant in town, and seafood seems to be the highlight. We had sashimi at a restaurant with no English menu (2300 Yen for 2 person), plus a female snow crab (750 Yen). The food is nice, and we realize there is a cover charge for the restaurant (280 Yen per person).

Our destination of the day is Kurobe Alps. The weather forecast is cloudy with no rain. Breakfast starts at 7AM at our hotel, and we catch the local train from Dentetsu Toyama Station to Tateyama Station. I manage to buy the Alps Ticket at the Dentetsu Toyama Station (you can buy tickets up to 5 days ahead). We decide to travel until Murodo (highest peak) since the Kurobe dam is no longer releasing water and we wanted more time to hike around.

The first mode of transportation is the Trem from Tateyama Station to Bijodaira. After which we took a direct bus to Murodo. There seems to be 5 stops in between, but no one seems to press the bell to get off. Spring haven't arrived yet on 19 Oct 2013, so most of the trees along the way are pretty much green with a bit of yellow.


Murodo is mostly covered in snow, but not very thick snow. It's cold, occasionally windy, but the view is not perfect due to the cloud. There is a hotspring in the middle of the snow, and quite a few lakes. The view is great despite the cloud, and it's a wonderful experience.