Today we are going to Arashiyama (the nearest mountain area in Kyoto). Since our place is far from rail and subway, Google Map suggest us to take the bus for 240 Yen (usually a bus ride cost 220 Yen, but we have to top up extra since Arashiyama is in the extended zone - the Daily Bus Pass doesn't seems to cover this area).

We arrive around 8AM where the shops are just opening, which is nice. We grab a dessert from Arinco, which is yummy. In order to save time, we bought a cake yesterday for breakfast, with coffee powder brought from Malaysia.

We walk towards the bridge area, which is nice. The water is Emerald Green, the weather is superb and slightly windy.

We stroll along the river towards the mountain (which is the park). There seems to be a light hiking trail where the locals went for.

Soon we reach the Arasiyama station where we took a scenic train through the valley along the river (600 Yen for one way). The thing with scenic train is that it's convenient for long distance, but it self too far away from the forest and river (as compared to walking). The ride is alright, just got a bit bored since we plan to come back the same way as well.

Temple beside Arasiyama station
Temple beside Arasiyama station Mikami Shrine
Performer from one of the stop.
Performer from one of the stop. Sagano Scenic Railway
View of final station
View of final station
One of the stop.
One of the stop. Torokko Hozukyo Station

After 20 minutes of train ride, we reach the final station. There is nothing much here, except some far away fields and some residential area. We could either board the next train within 5 minutes, or wait another hour, where both are sad choices. The repeat the same journey in reverse order, with not much expectations.

There are quite a bit of walking options available (or you can opt for Human Rickshaw), a dozens of temple and the famous bamboo forest. The walk is nice and comfortable, and cycling around could be more fun and convenient. Somehow I expected more of Arashiyama, perhaps Autumn came late, or I didn't get as close as I would like into the forest (or perhaps I miss the cycling).