Last day in Kyoto, and we shall try to cover 3 temples and a famous Udon place.

Since our hotel is not near the rail, we decide to go with the bus and a day pass. First destination is Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺. The thing about Japanese temple is that it is not about the size building, but the size and landscaping of the temple's surrounding garden, and its integration with the surrounding nature and mountain. Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 is a Buddhist temple, thus there are Incense burning and jostick. The street leading to the temple is full of shops as well.

The street leading to Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺
The street leading to Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺
Entrance of Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺
Entrance of Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 Kiyomizu-dera

The temple is build attached to a mountain, with a gigantic balcony with a great view of Kyoto city and its surroundings mountain. The temple tour lasted about 30 minutes and we spend some time sampling the street food.

Studio Ghibli Shop Kyoto

The highlight of the shop would be the Totoro shop, where Mei Ru spend about an hour in there carefully going through every merchandise and spend 10,000 Yen on a shopping spree. The shop is pretty quiet inside and play a calm music, as I fall asleep 3 times while waiting.

Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion) 銀閣寺

We took a bus to the Silver Pavilion, where the traffic is quite heavy especially near the Kyoto Zoo.

The temple's building is very small with a signature Phoenix at the top of the building, but it's still interesting with its sand sculpture, moss garden and hillside view.