Though this place is pretty quiet on a Sunday evening, but the food is actually pretty good.

Smoked Drump might seems bland with any sauce, but it is nicely marinated and crispy, a pretty tasty drumbstick I would say.

Creamy egg pasta is very tasty as well, with some curry flavor.

Almond brownie dessert is alright.

Another plus side is the environment is cozy and quiet 😁

Another new seafood porridge in Puchong, don't be confused with Taiping Matang in Puchong.

The porridge is alright, as I am not a fan of porridge. Lor bak is bit disappointed.

The best dish here is roasted teriyaki chicken + wrapped egg + garlic rice.

Dessert are alright, as Puchong doesn't have much good Chinese dessert shop.

One of my routine place for breakfast.

The forest is flourished with many flowers and plants, very beautiful.

4 small dogs followed us to the peak, they are both annoying and entertaining to watch.

Too many leeches and sand flies in this season.

This place is pretty popular, I would say the quality of the food is good, but didn't capture my heart 😉

Second time here, plenty of food and dessert options. I would say the food is better than the dessert.

Finally reopened after the fire incident 2 weeks ago.

Ice kacang is pretty good, but FKT really bland.

Too full to try their main dishes, so sample some dessert.

Pancake with maple syrup is not bad.

I think the highlight of this place should be the main dishes.

Pavilion Christmas decorations, pretty impressive.

The best dish would be soup noodle, cheese tomato rice also not bad.

Breakfast service has improved 👍

This place is affordable with decent food, super crowded and noisy, fast service.

The blueberry cheese hanbing probably can be shared among 4.

Korean fried chicken and fried onion. The chicken is alright, while the fried onion is pretty unique.

Plenty of variety, taste wise is alright.

Was looking forward to the Souffle. Is a bit too sweet, and texture too soft.

Nice ambience, ice-cream not bad.

Visit on a weekday, less crowd. Dim sum pretty good.

Found this hidden mamak. I like the texture of the roti kosong, need to try again to be sure.

Friendly service, sell curry puff as well, closed at 10pm.

I like the Mee Rebus, popiah first time try nor bad.

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