The rain finally stopped today, but the sky is still gloomy. We decide to visit the back mountain of QingChengShan Qingcheng Houshan 青城山后山. Note: the Qingcheng Shan 青城山 (the front) is mostly about Tao Temple, while the Qingcheng Houshan (the back) 青城山后山 is about nature and some hiking.

Taking the train without pre-booked ticket is a wrong choice, as the train station is packed with people, strict security inspection make boarding very troublesome and slow, and only 10.30AM ticket is available when I went to the counter at 7.30AM (a train leave every 30-60 minutes).

We take a cab to the Chadianzi Bus Station 茶店子客运站. Initially we are supposed to buy a bus ticket to Xindu 新都 then switch to a local bus, but a special counter to Qingcheng 青城 opened at 8AM. The bus depart once full, and it filled up pretty fast on Saturday (RMB 25).

The journey take an hour. Since we are going to Qingcheng Houshan (the back) 青城山后山, we need to stop at the Highspeed Rail Station 高铁站. 80% of the passengers get down at this stop.

There is a tour bus to Qingcheng Houshan (the back) 青城山后山 for RMB 25 (two way) which take another hour. 青城山后山 is a small village with plenty of vacation home.

The full trekking loop is about 16KM (6-7 hours), and some ropeway can help to cut short some journey. The path from 五龙沟 to 又一村 is very scenic as we pass through a narrow gap walking on wooden plank closed to the mountain wall, with clear water stream running under us. It's a nice feeling.

The ropeway doesn't have a spectacular view, but boarding the ropeway is an exciting and funny experience. We didn't have time to visit 白云寺 at the top. 翠映湖 is a short lake crossing for RMB 2, which is interesting and nice. There are plenty of hawker selling same type of food along the way.