Reach Gold Coast Airport after 7.5h flight from KL. Now waiting for 1h transit to Auckland, probably another 3h flight.

Interesting to note there is a Vodafone and Spark counter within the duty free zone before the immigration counter, offering 3GB package for NZD 43 as apposed to NZD 49 at the outside stall.

Walking from Auckland Airport to ibis Budget Auckland Airport Hotel (20m), some pretty nice trees along the way.

Nice and clean, affordable budget hotel 20 minutes walk from Airport, save $34 SkyBus transit to Auckland city center since we are flying to Christchurch the next day.

A very affordable meals of NZD 10: burger with beef double patty, chips with bacon and drinks, enough for 2 of us.
Open hours: 8am - 10pm

Warehouse is something like Tesco + DIY shop, minus the groceries.

Massive Hunger Set for breakfast has 2 different McMuffin, hashbrown and coffee for NZD 11.10. Added 1.60 for a really large coffee (actually medium should be enough) and the breakfast set is good for two
24h, breakfast from 5am.

Domestic and International terminal is probably 15m apart by walking, saw a free shuttle bus going around.

Ticket to freedom!

Flying from Auckland to Christchurch via NZ Air.

Shopping here is pretty nice with plenty of groceries, bought some lunch and have them near an open space. A few restaurants and cafe is here.

Bought a 230g gas canister for NZD6.

A nice and affordable place to stay, highly recommended. Our dorm room just 4 beds in a room (you get glass door view of the lake), kitchen could get fairly busy but it does have 6x2 stoves.

在Tekapo不错的Hostel, 四人间的Dorm,又落地玻璃看到户外。另外两位没入住,赚到。厨房设施不错,非常忙碌,但没油和香料供应。

Arrived around 6pm and it's freezing cold (6 degree Celsius) and windy (26km/h). It even snow for a few seconds.

Luckily the rain stop and the sun shine, but it's still madly cold and windy.

The lake, the flowers and the snow cap mountain highlighted by the sun is a priceless combination.

Didn't manage to hike up Mt. John due to the weather and time limit, pray for good luck tomorrow.


First self-cooked dinner in NZ.

纽西兰第一个自煮晚餐,Pesto Pasta.

Full moon tonight, but no stars. My phone can't get a good photo of Good Sheppard Church, and it's freezing cold.

夜间来到Good Sheppard Church想拍个星空照,但没星星,天气非常的冷,只有照亮湖面的明月。

Don't drive up Mount John, take the 1h hike up, it's much more beautiful and satisfying.


Awesome cafe on top of Mount John, for the view and experience.


We do a circuit loop of Mt John and took the 2h lakeside walk down, absolutely beautiful.


Fairlie pie are sold here 😁

这里有卖顶顶有名的Fairlie Pie,好吃。

A little church, some bushes, crazy amount of lupin flowers, a shiny lake and snow caps mountains. Picture perfect.