Finally got a chance to taste the dinner rice meal at The Owl. The risotto mushroom is pretty good.

The special iced coffee comes with a scoop of ice cream, which is nice.

The curry cream pasta is a bit dry this time with less sauce. I think the mild version taste better than spicy as it is more balanced.

The David waffle come with ice cream, banana and coconut flakes, quite nice.

Mei Ru and I having dinner here with Nana, a nice meetup. Wish her business 大展宏图。

The tarts taste pretty good, especially after you refrigerated them. Price is reasonable.

Curry laksa here not bad, I think Kai Xin is a pretty good place for breakfast in Puchong.

This place is pretty popular at the moment, as we need to wait for 15 minutes on Saturday night at 9pm.

We ordered the Korean Army Pot for RM26.90 for two person, which is pretty alright. The pork slice is good, soup reasonable well. Generally it is worth a try.

Forgotten to all them to reduce the sugar, by default it is pretty sweet.

Famous Taiwan Fried Chicken 继光香香鸡 is available is IOI mall, taste pretty good. I think the mid hotness (one chillies) taste better than two chillies.

This time the McD cheese cake is quite moist, nice.

Pretty good and affordable Indian food.

Good wanton noodle with good variety.

The cheesy bites taste pretty good.

Awesome sunset at Puchong Hill.

Curry Chee Cheong Fun also not bad.

A new branch in Puchong. Though it has plenty of variety, but only the nasi lemak is good. The drinks are not bad, where the ABC is full of ingredients.

You can always get a nice sunset view here.

My sister-in-law's family favourite place. Food here is not bad with reasonable pricing.

Pretty nice vegetarian cafe, my favourite is the mango sushi.

Price seems up a bit, but quality still maintain.

The FKT taste better today, we suspect the lady boss is the chef of the day.

Doing a round loop to the mini water stream is about 1.5h.

One of our usual breakfast place and my wife's favourite.

Cheese wedges, guilty supper pleasure.

Food here is pretty good, but we probably ordered too much.

One of the better bakery in Puchong.

Good option for breakfast in Puchong.

Plenty of best seller sold out today. I think this place is so so.

I found this place very unique, where the food served is like a 5-star restaurant but with more affordable pricing and without the 5-star environment. So, you should come here just for the food.

Fried French Quail is quite superb.
Lamb and Clams with Ramen and Bread is unconventional but the broth with bread is really out of this world.
Smoke duck is okay, quite big and fat.
We enjoy the pomme puree mash (fancy name for mash potato).
Hummingbird Cake is nice too.

I believed the food is really nice with good value for money.