Bye bye NZ. Nice selection of food at the Airport after immigration.

Great food is served here. NZ Flounder is excellent, the mussel is good and passion fruit cheese cake is nice. The mussel in soup with seafood looks better though.


Found a secret hideout in a library.


A pretty nice suburban area to walk around, more interesting than Auckland CBD.


Saturday morning market. Don't expect a French market, some of the food here pretty nice. Bacon Brothers, Mussel Fritters and Humous in Pita are good. They sell some nice bread and cheese as well, didn't try those though.

  • Coffee, Fruit Juice
  • Bacon Brothers
  • Mussel Fritters
  • Humous in Pita
  • Takoyaki
  • Bread, Sandwich, etc.
  • Cheese
  • Salmon
  • Honey
  • Vegetables, Meat, etc.

A square, nothing much to do here unless an event is going on.

The city center of Auckland.

Arriving late in Auckland, luckily some hardworking Korean still serve us some spicy pork, pretty good actually.

Alright hotel, room seems slightly old. Location is pretty alright, 20 minutes walk along Queen Street to the Ferry Terminal.

30 minutes bus to city, $34 for returns.

Domestic and International terminal is probably 15m apart by walking, saw a free shuttle bus going around.

Massive Hunger Set for breakfast has 2 different McMuffin, hashbrown and coffee for NZD 11.10. Added 1.60 for a really large coffee (actually medium should be enough) and the breakfast set is good for two
24h, breakfast from 5am.

Warehouse is something like Tesco + DIY shop, minus the groceries.

A very affordable meals of NZD 10: burger with beef double patty, chips with bacon and drinks, enough for 2 of us.
Open hours: 8am - 10pm

Nice and clean, affordable budget hotel 20 minutes walk from Airport, save $34 SkyBus transit to Auckland city center since we are flying to Christchurch the next day.

Walking from Auckland Airport to ibis Budget Auckland Airport Hotel (20m), some pretty nice trees along the way.

Interesting to note there is a Vodafone and Spark counter within the duty free zone before the immigration counter, offering 3GB package for NZD 43 as apposed to NZD 49 at the outside stall.