New bakery + cafe in Puchong, concept is like Donutes. Taste wise is pretty good, second time here, though haven't dine at the upstairs cafe yet.

Should be a local Puchong Jaya favourite with the place almost full around 1pm. Duck rice is so so, clayport loh shu fun pretty good, coffee ok.

Still one of our favourite breakfast place.

Food is okay, service too slow.

Quality maintained.

Another new seafood porridge in Puchong, don't be confused with Taiping Matang in Puchong.

The porridge is alright, as I am not a fan of porridge. Lor bak is bit disappointed.

The best dish here is roasted teriyaki chicken + wrapped egg + garlic rice.

Dessert are alright, as Puchong doesn't have much good Chinese dessert shop.

Second time here, plenty of food and dessert options. I would say the food is better than the dessert.

The best dish would be soup noodle, cheese tomato rice also not bad.

Plenty of variety, taste wise is alright.

Was looking forward to the Souffle. Is a bit too sweet, and texture too soft.

Nice ambience, ice-cream not bad.

Found this hidden mamak. I like the texture of the roti kosong, need to try again to be sure.

Friendly service, sell curry puff as well, closed at 10pm.

Will buy this cheese tart whenever drop by IOI mall, price and product quality still reasonable as compared to others.

Found some interesting looking new product, but didn't try.

Tried a new place, food is okay.

New noodle place in Puchong, not bad.

They are running a promotion of RM 5 noodle, good value for money.

A new gem in Puchong for both dinner and supper.

Teriyaki Chicken Garlic rice and Creamy Golden Fish is tasty. The ice dessert not bad too.

Best ice-cream in Puchong? But the enjoyment of ice-cream is always too short-lived.

Good coffee, good noodle and good side dish 😁

The tarts taste pretty good, especially after you refrigerated them. Price is reasonable.

This place is pretty popular at the moment, as we need to wait for 15 minutes on Saturday night at 9pm.

We ordered the Korean Army Pot for RM26.90 for two person, which is pretty alright. The pork slice is good, soup reasonable well. Generally it is worth a try.