Quality inconsistent. Today is more salty.

The meal is good, but it seems to be more expensive (RM 49 for set meal for two with the cheesy bite pizza).

Coffee ball here is wife favorite, cake is pretty nice when we are too full for soufflé.

The western food stall here is pretty good and affordable.

The Ipoh Chicken Shred Hor Fun is really good, which require 30 minutes wait and sell out by 11am on weekends.

Another stall of steam fish with kuey teow is not bad as well.

Food are average, price is affordable.

Uncle Don definitely offer value for money meal with fast service.


A pretty crowded new food court in Puchong. The Western food stall here seems outlook promising 😀

The food is okay, price wise more expensive than Uncle Don.

The food here is pretty good. XXL crab (about 2 crab) for RM 158.

After trying quite a few dishes here, I am pretty sure the Japanese Teriyaki Chicken with Egg Omelette is the best dish by far. Chicken chop or Cheese rice/pasta is okay. The rest could be quite disappointing.

FKT and curry noodle not bad.

Pretty good pork noodle with good ice coffee.

Hakka / Sarawak kolo mee ok. Popiah not bad as well.

Ah Cheng laksa tea set is actually not bad. Got lekor or cucur udang, now available in IOI mall.

Pan Mee is alright. Besides pan mee, it serves many other meals as well.

Revisit this place after a long time. Dim sum is alright.

Now there is a strong competitor to KFC. Food quality is pretty consistent and less oily.

New Ah Cheng laksa outlet in Puchong IOI mall, pretty popular. Having a cucur udang tea time set.

This duck confit with rice is pretty good, lunch promotion available on weekend as well.

Somehow I love the roti kosong here. Not exactly garing, but the texture and softness seems right. Curry puff is average.

Taste wise is okay, price wise is pretty expensive. They offer 50% off pizza during our weekend visit, but still doesn't feel like a good value for money.

The selling point here is adorable sushi, though we did perhaps are too much.