The tarts taste pretty good, especially after you refrigerated them. Price is reasonable.

This place is pretty popular at the moment, as we need to wait for 15 minutes on Saturday night at 9pm.

We ordered the Korean Army Pot for RM26.90 for two person, which is pretty alright. The pork slice is good, soup reasonable well. Generally it is worth a try.

Forgotten to all them to reduce the sugar, by default it is pretty sweet.

Famous Taiwan Fried Chicken 继光香香鸡 is available is IOI mall, taste pretty good. I think the mid hotness (one chillies) taste better than two chillies.

The cheesy bites taste pretty good.

One of our usual breakfast place and my wife's favourite.

Cheese wedges, guilty supper pleasure.

A decent 24h cafe in Puchong. Service is fast, food is okay.

The dry noodle is getting quite salty, but the soup version is still good.

Usually I like the Ramen better than the Wantan Mee, but today's Ramen is too soft.

RM 9.90 for Hokken Mee. Duck is RM 12, wife love it.

The most interesting food here is still the fried stuff on luk luk car.

Still a good and affordable option.

Good quality noodle and coffee. Remember to order the pork version.

The dry pan mee abit salty, no complaint abt the soup version.

The best dishes here is still sauna mee.

Banh Mi from bandar puteri setup a branch here, dishes are the same, good.

Chinese dessert shop in Puchong.

Good pan mee and side dishes.

Okay food for shopping complex.

Good pan mee, coffee and side dishes with reasonable price.

Pretty affordable and taste good.