Taste good, good quality and not too expensive Japanese meals.

Books and toys are available.

Pretty good and affordable Taiwan meals.

A Chinese cafe of guiltily delicious food, shouldn't eat here to often.

I would say it is still good and one of my favorite.

The BBQ is alright, but the side dishes should be improved.

This 24h convenient store seems fairly popular with family and children at night, where they go for ice-cream and imported snacks with plenty of indoor and outdoor seatings available.

Yogurt ice-cream for RM 2.80 is pretty good.

Second time here, good is pretty good.

Nice Indian food. Fairly crowded at 10am on Saturday morning, so service a bit slow.

Mee Rebus with pasta and cheesy bake egg, pretty good. The black coffee is a bit sourish.

Very popular vegetarian restaurant, queue starts before 7pm on weekend. Affordable, tasty and quick service.

Haven been here for quite a while. Lunch set (food, drink and ice-cream) is quite reasonably priced for a cafe, but the duck rice lack sauce.

2 main (Teriyaki Chicken Rice and Fish Mee Hoon) dish have ongoing 15% discount. Taste wise are just okay.

Affordable and tasty Taiwan meals. The 控肉 stewed pork is pretty good.

Strangely, there are less crowd today but the service is slower as well.

Good good and fast service, reasonable pricing.

Fried rice with drumstick is pretty good. The drumstick had very crispy skin.

The coconut cake is a bit hard today. This outlet has expanded to 2 shops.

Always my favorite wantan mee in Puchong.

Quite a few Good Taste restaurants pop-up around Punchong, offering decent meals with quite some variety.

This Vietnamese Chee Cheong Fun with inner ingredients is pretty good.

Siu Mai with bun is pretty good, but the lemongrass bullfrog is lacking.

Still my favorite Hokkien Mee and Sang Har Mee spot in Puchong.