This Vietnamese Chee Cheong Fun with inner ingredients is pretty good.

Siu Mai with bun is pretty good, but the lemongrass bullfrog is lacking.

Still my favorite Hokkien Mee and Sang Har Mee spot in Puchong.

Good Indian rice for lunch.

Still there best wantan mee in Puchong, despite the recent competitors.

The premium milk tea trend has arrived in Puchong. This place is quite crowded at night.

Some new menu since the last visit: Foochow Red Wine noodle and Special Fried Rice.

Though plenty of wantan mee shop available in Puchong, Soon Hing is still my favorite. Now they have decent coffee as well.

Nice potato porridge with good tasty selection of dishes.

Decent Vietnam food. Set lunch available which is cheaper than Banh Mi cafe, taste wise Banh Mi cafe is better.

Decent Chinese restaurant from China.

The sweet and sour fish soup is probably too sour, and the fish has many small bones.

Hai Siang is much crowded nowadays, no longer a local secret. Food quality still maintained.

Food is pretty good with reasonable price.

McDonald's nasi lemak + fried chicken + fried egg. Not bad, sauce is on the sweet side. Beef grilled burger is okay.

Coffeebean breakfast, pretty alright.

New Hunan restaurant in Puchong. Food is average and price on the high side.

Trying their Japanese food this time, pretty alright.

The shop is really quiet, but the dim sum is alright (some not much crowd, they only steam it on demand).

New Hokkien Mee place in Puchong, taste wise just so so.