Pretty good Chinese restaurant. Siu yuk here is the best.

This is probably the best cafe option at Sunway Geo.

This place is pretty good, especially the sui yuk platter.

The oden probably too pricy as snack, but the ice-cream is nice and affordable.

Still good burger, just can't afford to have them regularly.

Map's is replaced by Coffee & Bar. Curry pasta is pretty good, but the fish & chip is just average. My wife likes the gula melaka kopi peng.

Price is more affordable in Sunway Pyramid, quality and taste wise is below average.

Pretty affordable and decent, and the spaghetti comes in big portion.

Good vegetarian options with large portion. 3 person can order 2 dishes for small eater.

Huge space, nice ambience with comfy chair. The Cat & the Fiddle cheese cake doesn't have cheese taste, and the mango fruit is slightly frozen. Lava cake and drinks are alright.

Ultraman and A+ is not bad, sadly balbausar is not available. The potato salad is nice.

The food is alright, perhaps lack some variety and specialties.

One of the cheaper place to eat in the shopping mall.

One of my favourite Japanese restaurant. They always have monthly specials.

Still the best burger in town, always experimenting with new flavors. I like the salted egg burger.

Beautiful Mess

I would say they serve good pies.

A spacious place, food is okay with room for improvement.

Still the best burger in town, keep experimenting with new recipe.

The Bomb
Sloppy Bella

Having coffee and cake while waiting for doctor and blood test result at Sunway medical centre

Map's is a quiet cafe which offer nice and affordable food. Both the BLT Sandwich and Herb Pasta with Meatball is pretty good.

Perng Ling's Wedding lunch. Plenty of parking and decent food.

Probably the best burger in town with occasional experimental dishes. They have good fries with special sauce.