Fried rice with drumstick is pretty good. The drumstick had very crispy skin.

This Vietnamese Chee Cheong Fun with inner ingredients is pretty good.

Siu Mai with bun is pretty good, but the lemongrass bullfrog is lacking.

The sweet and sour fish soup is probably too sour, and the fish has many small bones.

Still very popular. Big portion, fast service and good taste.

Authentic Vietnamese food in Puchong.

Service still good despite the crowd, and taste good too.

The food seems better this time, perhaps we order the right meals.

Cafe Sua Nong
Thit Nuong Cha Gio

This place have grown to be the most popular Vietnamese Cafe in Puchong. Service still prompt, food still good. Vietnamese Chee Cheong Fun is one of my favourite.

The business is getting better, but the menu definitely need improvement.

The Vietnamese coffee is pretty unique and nice, and it comes with a cup of tea. The chicken sandwich is quite a let down though (to though), pork one taste better.

Cafe Sua Da

Added a new menu with more variety, price increased as well.

Banh Mi Cafe, move to a new location not far away from the old one.

Banh Mi, again reasonably priced and tasty with good variety. My favorite are the baguette with egg plus Vietnamese chee cheong fun lookalike.

New Menu: Lemongrass pork rib rice for RM 9.50
Pretty tasty, but too bonny as well.

Lemongrass pork rib rice

Banh Mi, a fairly popular Vietnamese eatery at Puteri 7 neighbourhood, away from the commercial centre of Bandar Puteri Puchong.