Bought a chocolate cake for RM12+, pretty alright.

Still a pretty good cafe with nice food, good service, beautiful environment and easy parking. The downside is probably the noise and crowd.

Second visit here, worth a try occasionally.

This is one of the few cafe which offer healthy yet good tasting food.

Finally got a chance to taste the dinner rice meal at The Owl. The risotto mushroom is pretty good.

The special iced coffee comes with a scoop of ice cream, which is nice.

The curry cream pasta is a bit dry this time with less sauce. I think the mild version taste better than spicy as it is more balanced.

The David waffle come with ice cream, banana and coconut flakes, quite nice.

Mei Ru and I having dinner here with Nana, a nice meetup. Wish her business 大展宏图。

Pretty good and affordable Indian food.

The cakes seems a bit hard, so probably not that fresh.

Definitely a nice place for dessert after dinner on weekday, with just a small crowd.

The Amai Genmai cake is too bland, Oaky Gardener is good, and Uji Matcha Latte is quite thick.

Amai Genmai (RM13)

It's quite refreshing to come here to yum cha at night. The crowd is slightly less, and the ambience is nicer. The cakes are nice, peanut butter banana and toufufa cheese.

The place seems to be fairly crowded from breakfast until tea, this it could be pretty noisy.

Seafood curry pasta is very good, and the fizzy drink with lychee is surprising good.

Exploring a new egg dish at the owl.

Still one of my favorite cafe. Good service, environment and food, just a bit noisy due to the crowd.

FKT is quite tasteless, chicken rice is okay.

PS: parking in this area is nightmare, and DBKL actively clamp cars. My advice is don't visit this area.

Chicken rice (RM6. 50)

Still a popular and good bunch place. Avoid Sunday morning crowd.

This place seems to specialise in curry and pasta. It's pretty good actually, with a quiet environment.

Creamy seafood pasta, nutty latte and midori are good.

Second time here: nice meals, good ambience and superb service. The chips are good, and the toast quite special.

Nice environment and good service, heavy crowd on Sunday morning. The main meals are pretty good, I like it better than the dessert.