Vanilla ice cream with toppings, slightly disappointed.

One of the very popular and crowded bakery in Busan, the bread and cakes are nice.

Haundae area, seems more crowded and touristy are compared to Seomyeon.

The hip place to have beer with fish and cheap. Super crowded on a Saturday night.

A night view of the bridge and a photo shooting set.

The popular seafood noodle place, very affordable and it taste good.

The most iconic would be the coastal cliff view, which is really amazing.

A beach filled with seafood restaurants, just next to Taejongdae.

Stop by during the coastal walk for seafood sashimi for 30000won. Sadly raw seafood besides fish is not quite my thing, but it's still an interesting experience, and the locals dig it.

A pretty long and amazing coastal walk towards Taejongdae. The view is pretty amazing.

The beginning of Joulyoung Coastal walk towards Taejongdae, filled with mosaic wall art.

A very popular fishcake shop at Busan Station serving a variety of fish cakes.

Besides taking the train, it has B&C bakery and Samjin Fishcake

The first bbq meat we enjoyed at Korea, pretty affordable at 10000 won per portion of meat (minimum 3 portions), with handsome waiter serving you.

This place seems to be very popular with the locals.

A very nice and affordable hotel, even has a jacuzzi bath tub, large bathroom, large tv, computer and double pillow.

The bread sold here is really good, highly recommended.

Market with quite a number of street snacks, connected to a large market area with multiple sections selling different things.

A lot of street food and shopping around BIFF Square, stretching from Jagalchi station to Nampo station.

Offer a great view of Busan. The street art is alright.

Take the subway to Tuseong station. It's recommended to take a bus to Gamcheon village, as walking uphill is quite tough and could take 45 minutes.

Seomyeom subway station, with luggage locker and underground shopping, connected to Lotte shopping center.

A nice and value for money place to have lunch. We order beef for 7000 won per person (lunch promotion), minimum 2 persons. Comes with miso soup and steam egg as well.

Seems like a love hotel, but it's affordable, quiet and clean.

Purchase KT Olle 4G Sim card of unlimted Internet for 30 days (about 70000 won). The Internet is pretty reliable.