Stunning clouds and sunset on the plane from Christchurch to Auckland. Cheese and Wine are served onboard 😁

Late lunch at FlyThru in the airport.

From Arthur's Pass towards Christchurch.

Plenty of ducks in this lake, plus beautiful green tree by the lakeside.

From Arthur's Pass towards Christchurch: coffee stop.

This track short and sweet. There is a river, some bushes and we can see two snow caps thanks to the sunshine which suddenly appear during noon. If you walk slightly further up beyond the avalanche sign, there are plenty of buttercups flowers along the river. Met a couple who track all the way up for another hour and saw a small glacier. This is our last hike for our New Zealand trip.


Alright walk from Arthur's Pass Village to Jack's Hut.

Korean Noodle for breakfast.

Dinner in our fancy Arthur's Pass YHA.

Have less than 2 hours before it gets dark, let's go to the waterfall.

We got upgraded to a luxurious room in a Youth Hostel! Unbelievable.


Found a Kea, supposed to be a kind of Parrot.


Stop by if you happens to pass by. Salmon here is slightly cheaper than Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon, but Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon looks better.

Wave and wind of the lake is super strong today.

First photograph of our rental car.

To see a small blue lake which turned green and a real blue lake. If you take the side walks to the river, you might see a piece of floating ice.


Wind is super strong today, almost got blown away.


Pesto Pasta with Mount Aroki Alpine Salmon for Dinner.

Nice stay, great kitchen with all kind of spices.

At the end, you are rewarded with a big piece of floating ice. On the way, you get to see some buttercups flowers.


Great weather near Pukaki Lake.


Buy some smoked salmon fillet for dinner tonight.

A little church, some bushes, crazy amount of lupin flowers, a shiny lake and snow caps mountains. Picture perfect.