Mount Misen is a superb hike, offering 3 different route plus cable car. Do allocate at least 2.5h if you are fast, but I prefer to do it in 4h to take time to enjoy the view and take photos.

Though the Misen Observatory has a great view, but my personal favorite is Komabayashi which is a big rock platform with much lesser crowd.

We went up through the Momijidani Course and came down using Omoto Course.

Three island is pretty small, with shopping, roaming deer, floating tori gate and temple. Take the cable car or hike up Mount Misen to have a magnificent view.

Accidentally order two sets of full course oyster meal for 5400 yen each, but it is very good indeed. My favourite is the apple gratin oyster, and the let down is Donabe oyster rice.

Clean and very near to Hiroshima Station.

Plan to have lunch here, but it ended at 3pm and only coffee and cakes are available. The place is pretty quiet and it is a wooden timber cabin.

The curry rice is good, and ice cream parfait is very good.

It is a few old street and a canal, a tourist spot with some boutique shop. I would say the experience is only average.

This place probably require reservation and not ready to serve non Japanese speaking customer.

Simple hotel, free bread for breakfast and 24h hot drink and ice cream.

Bought some souvenir snack, the taste is alright.

Besides visiting Daisenji, walk further into the Ogamiyama Shrine, which I think is more beautiful. Don't forget to stroll the walkway of the forest, which is very beautiful in Autumn.

Hiking Mount Daisen on a drizzling and misty day. Less than 5 degree Celsius on early November rainy day. The mountain is really beautiful despite totally misty at the top.

We went up on the Natsumaya mountain trail which took us less than 3 hours to reach the top, as most Japanese elders overtook us. We came down on the Gyoja trail which go through a beautiful birch autumn forest, Ogamiyama Shrine and Daisen Temple.

Hot Pot and Skewers are pretty alright.