I think the tart taste alright, probably too expensive.

Mentaiko noodle taste better than the rice, pretty good. Though generally it's more salty.

Raizan temple is filled with gorgeous red colour in Autumn, though the huge maple tree's leafs have fallen quite a fair bit. I assume autumn is slightly earlier here due to the colder weather.

Raizan trail is certainly much beautiful than Homanzan, though weather is cloudy. Sadly we didn't have enough time to cross to Iharayama peak as well and do a return loop.

A Christmas event going on, 1000 yen for a hot wine.

Expensive (3000+ yen for 4 pieces), but tasty.

Not a very big shop, but still many products to see.

Going to Canal City Hakata, they have a musical water fountain and light show going on occasionally.

The best part of the garden is Koi watching, which can only be done outside of the tea room (do we didn't go for the tea). Entrance is 200 yen.

The beef slice is pretty good, but the beef burger are average. It feels like a waste to go for beef curry here.

A beautiful Japanese park (next to Ohori Park), entrance less than 300 yen.

A comfortable park to walk around.

Premium fluffy pancakes and salmon with fritters for breakfast. Food is good. Though the staff speaks English, but Japanese hospitality is lost.

Sushi which melt in your mouth. A cheaper sushi platter is about 1500 yen, while a more premium dinner set is 2600 yen. It's fully booked on a Friday night, but still possible to dine at counter top.

A Totoro shop along the shopping street of Dazaifu.

A stroll in Dazaifu Shrine after coming back from Kamado Shrine / Mount Homan.

A shrine with nice autumn colors. But my priority is to hike Homanzan behind it.

Homanzan is full of stairs and the path is well marked. There is a shrine and a big rock at the top, and a cabin rest area as well. The view is not bad, but sadly it is pretty cloudy today.

The journey is pretty alright, and more adventurous as we explore a path down without stairs from a website.

This place is famous for some kind of cow intestine hotpot, which is not our kind of food. Ignoring the ingredients, the food is quite tasty.