Hai Siang is much crowded nowadays, no longer a local secret. Food quality still maintained.

One of our usual breakfast place.

One of my routine place for breakfast.

Christmas and New Year deco is up.

Ham & Egg toast is good, half-boiled egg is perfect. Even the RM6 Mee Sedap Goreng is nice.

Evergreen breakfast and tea venue for me.

Luncheon Egg Sandwich
Big breakfast

Satisfying breakfast, quality maintained.

My usual weekend breakfast place.

Yau Jar Guai
Chicken Luncheons Meat Sandwich

Hai Siang is opened during Chinese New Year :)

Mee Sua

Breakfast at Hai Siang: Kopi Hot, Mee Sua and All Day Big Breakfast.

Mee Sua

Hai Siang Big Breakfast, Nasi Lemak and Mee Sua, can't go wrong.

Nasi Lemak

Hai Siang Coffee, Sandwich, You Ja Guai and half-boiled egg, heaven!

Kopi Peng

Still one of the best place to have meals in Puchong, and business is getting better.

Big Breakfast
Apple Cheese Sausage Sandwich

Quite a unique cafe with some specialty like sink kitchen rice, Adrian chicken rice, herbal mee sua, sarawak lacksa and a variety of delicious sandwiches. My personal favorite is the hai bin coffee and all day breakfast.

Assam Laksa