Still very popular, one of the few noodles place approved by my Mom.

Always the perfect place for afternoon tea in IOI mall.

The meal is good, but it seems to be more expensive (RM 49 for set meal for two with the cheesy bite pizza).

Ah Cheng laksa tea set is actually not bad. Got lekor or cucur udang, now available in IOI mall.

New Ah Cheng laksa outlet in Puchong IOI mall, pretty popular. Having a cucur udang tea time set.

Taste wise is okay, price wise is pretty expensive. They offer 50% off pizza during our weekend visit, but still doesn't feel like a good value for money.

A popular noodle place in town, pretty good. Now available in Puchong IOI mall.

Will buy this cheese tart whenever drop by IOI mall, price and product quality still reasonable as compared to others.

Found some interesting looking new product, but didn't try.

The tarts taste pretty good, especially after you refrigerated them. Price is reasonable.

Forgotten to all them to reduce the sugar, by default it is pretty sweet.

Famous Taiwan Fried Chicken 继光香香鸡 is available is IOI mall, taste pretty good. I think the mid hotness (one chillies) taste better than two chillies.

The cheesy bites taste pretty good.

Okay food for shopping complex.

I think the quality deteorated, with smaller portion as well.

Chicken with rice not so nice, should have stick with pure chicken chop only.

My wife claim Pizza Hut serve pretty good chicken wing.

New branch in Puchong, feels like the menu could be improved given the price point.

Always a good option when having flu or when the weather is super hot.

Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea

Korean dessert, I think it's just so so.

My wife says pizza hut chicken wing is very good, indeed its true.

Tea Garden, average food.

Simple Life (vegetarian), the food is nice with big portion, so order accordingly.