Food is alright, but nothing really stand out.

The food is pretty good, sadly not much crowd on a Saturday night (perhaps more popular during brunch?).

Second visit for dinner, less crowd, the dishes we ordered are so so, seems like their breakfast menu is better.


Decent convenient sushi.

Decent food, slightly pricey, nice ambience, have some power plug.

Stop by for a drink and do some work, it's next to a playground.

Yuzu tea

The food here is pretty good, both Bella and pizza is nice, service is fast and looking forward to try more things next time. The molten dessert is so so.

The Cousin (Drinks with Cake on top) is too sweet and disappointing. Carrot cake is no good as well, cheese cake is acceptable. I didn't try the coffee, ambience is pretty comfy.

Given the price point, the satisfaction isn't there. The pork rib is good, my sister like their vegetarian pasta, though the portion is a bit small.

The big some unique localized flavor for their ice cream like nasi lemak.

The food here is really nice and quite unique. Highly recommended.

Decent yau jar guai (i wish they can keep it crunchy) and soy bean.

Soy bean

Plenty of restaurants, nice grocery stores but not so much for shopping.