Final meal in Japan for our trip in Narita Airport. Pretty alright soba set meal for about 1200 yen per person, and with a nice window view.

This is a place for cheap sushi, ranging from 100 yen to 600 yen per plate. I have tasted more premium sushi, where they are softer and melt in your mouth. Sushi here are good, probably better than the ones in Malaysia, quite a few fish options, so definitely value for money.

We ordered about 17 plates, ordered only plates which are less than 300 yen and we ended up with 2500 yen for 2 person.

A pretty good fruit pie French dessert restaurant for about 700 yen a piece. We went for pear and potato, each with different crust and taste delicious. Thought of getting another one, but having too much spoilt the appetite.

Sitting space is limited, but no much crowded at 7pm (dinner time, the shop closed at 8pm). Many came for takeaway until the last minute.

It is peak autumn at Mount Takao, just an hour out from Tokyo. This is a pretty touristy place, means good transport, plenty of food and restaurant.

There are some marvelous red leaves just in front of the station. We took the tram up, where the path are covered by red autumn trees. You could walk as well, but we are short on time.

It is another 30-60 minutes walk up the peak depending on which path you take. We took no 3.

The weather is perfect today, and we can see all the mountains. Fuji is slightly hidden with clouds at its top. Unpack our lunch from a bakery and enjoy the view. There is a restaurant up there as well.

We went back on route no 1 and pass by a temple. Just in time for the last chair lift decent at 4.30pm and the sky starts to get dark.

The museum is not a big place, mainly 3 floors and a rooftop. The ground floor is exhibition, which is pretty interesting. Second floor is exhibition of work area and how animation are made. Third floor is a Cat Bus play area for little children (why can't adult have fun too) and a small shop. Roof top is a garden with Giant Robot from Laputa. And there is an outdoor restaurant with quite a long queue.

We are lucky to booked an online ticket for 1000 yen per person, which is quite a challenge.

The is a dedicated yellow Ghibli bus at Mitika Station south exit, and get down from the left stairs.

Having a quick breakfast before taking the bus to Ghibli Museum.

There is a super long queue on a weekday night, where we waited for 90 minutes. The special here is beef steak and burger, big portion with good quality and affordable price. You can add more beef sauce and fried garlic available on the table.

Though it officially closed at 11pm, the queue actually closed by 9pm or earlier. Advisable to visit by 6pm to enjoy a shorter queue.

My wife's favourite coffee chain in Japan. The meals offered might be simple, but they are good and not expensive.

One of the biggest Ghibli store we ever visited, just under Tokyo Skytree.

Ginkgo colours at it's peak. They even closed the road at some point to allow tourists to roam on the road freely.

An upscale cafe, with a short queue outside on weekday morning. The food is pretty good, where the French toast has chocolate within the bread. Egg benidict looks good and taste good.

The food here is pretty expensive, but sadly I don't think the taste is worth the price. We order a 3 course meal for 2800 yen and a 5 course meal for 5800 yen, and a mandatory drink for each person.

The free Baguette is not crispy, but the spicy olive is pretty good. The home-made quiche is pretty good, fish meal and fish soup is alright. The beef is average, and the dessert is quite a disappointment.

Space to sit with free wifi.

Pretty affordable small underground cafe for French toast. The toast might seems fairly simple, but it taste pretty good. They added something extra within the bread to make it softer and creamier, while slightly crispy on the outside.

The hotel is very spacious. One station away from Shinjuku by JR, or 20 minutes walk.

Simple food at Kagoshima Airport while waiting for our transfer flight to Tokyo. The good are alright.

Our accommodation in Yakushima, about 10m walk away from Anno town center. The house is quite nice, next to a river and surrounded by trees. It is a big and comfortable house.

My only qualm is shared bathroom and lack of self-service warm water in the morning. If you are out early morning and needed warm water, better to notify the owner the night before.

Personally, the Shiratani trail is more beautiful than the Jomon Sugi trail. If you have time, do both. Else, Shiratani is an easier and nicer trail, with many big cedar trees as well.

Good thing about Yakushima trail is that you don't need good weather as most of the trail are within the forest with little opportunity to view the landscape of nearby mountains (except Toikawa Rock). If fact, the moss gets more vibrant after a rain.

We did the Bugyosugi Cedar Course plus Toikawa Rock loop, which should take 4 hours, but we spend the entire day in Shiratani (from 8am) and left on the last bus at 4.10pm.

This restaurant offer great value for money, only 1000-1200 yen per person with loads of good quality food. The flying fish is definitely worth trying.

The gyoza is pretty unique with crispy skin, and good fried chicken. I didn't enjoy the deer meat.

Hiking start from Arakawa trail entrance and would take 8-10h for a round-trip to see the big cedar tree - Jomon Sugi. The first 2 hours and last 2 hours are just flat old rail tracks, so it gets boring very soon.

One of the highlight is Wilson's Stump, which is a gigantic hollow cedar tree stump with a little shrine in it. If feels quite magical, something like a hobit's house, but unfurnished.

There are many big cedar trees along the way, quite a few are named. At the end you could see the grand Jomon Sugi cedar tree. Not actually the tallest, but the biggest (taking account the diameter and width). It quite magnificent even though we have a view it from an observation deck 10-20m away. Push 10 minutes further from Jumon Sugi and you can visit a mountain hut.

There only one early bus to reach Yakusugi Museum / Shizenkan by 5.29am. The is a required 1000 yen donation plus 690 yen one-way ticket to Arakawa trail head. The next bus depart by 5.40am and takes 30 minutes.

We manage complete trekking and board the 4:00pm bus from Arakawa to Yakusugi Museum / Shizenkan. We took the 4.45pm bus back to Anbo. Be aware bus schedule are different depending on season, so check the website

Many mountains in Kirishima are off limits due to the active volcano status. Lake Onami and Mount Karukuni are one of the available options, taking about 4 hours for a round-trip. The trail is quite nice, starting with a lake loop, up the forest trail and reach the barren peak.

Sadly weather isn't great and misty along the way, where the peak is cold and windy and we didn't get any view. Parking at the Onami Lake entrance is fairly limited, many cars park along the roadside on weekends.

A hidden AirBnB next to famous hotspring. The house is pretty big with an in-house Japanese style BBQ pit and kitchen. My only qualm is the house is not warm enough for late autumn.

We bought some Miyazaki beef from the local supermarket for BBQ.

This is a really good seafood restaurant, I would say great value for money. I ordered a 5000 yen meal which is overkill, comes with Sashimi, fish, lobster, really big prawn and quite a number of side dishes. My wife's 3000 set comes with 3 really big prawns, fish soups and a few side dishes.

Spending 2000-3000 yen per person should be adequate, unless you plan splurge on more items or try the expensive blowfish. I spend almost 2 hours eating here, trying to finish our food.

Speciality is rabbit and sea, and temple in a cave. Quite a distance from Miyazaki City.

A beautiful cape on a good weather day.

The special thing about this shrine is there is a shrine in a open cave, and it looks gorgeous when the sun shine in.

The shrine is having a festival with pop-up stalls. And there is a performance as well.

The bbq beef here is really really nice, very juicy. We spend about 5000 yen for two person (small portion of meat). I think it is worthwhile to spend 5000 yen person for a bigger portion.